Cold Brew Coffee

On a hot day in St Thomas, we love a well-made cold brew coffee. And we’re not the only ones. Cold brews have become hugely popular and many operators have been quick to take advantage.

All great cold brews start with just the right roast and a nice, slow steep, but we help our clients take it to another level. Adding a nitro tap––like you might see in your favorite craft ale house––adds a creamy texture that’s absolutely heavenly. We’ll set you up to serve some of the best cold brew coffee they’ll ever taste.

Category X

Beat the heat
Category X is paying homage to the awesomeness of the 2 Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria that hit the Virgin Islands in 2017.  We calm the overall intensity of cold brew with a blend of South and Central American coffees roasted medium to achieve creamy, milk chocolate and a wonderful stone fruit finish.