From the islands with love

In the beautiful Virgin Islands, hospitality is second nature. We greet strangers with a smile, and new friends with a great cup of coffee. That’s why we want to help hotels, restaurants, cafes and locals all across the Caribbean share in that same welcoming spirit. It’s why we’re crafting some of the very best, most delicious specialty coffees under the sun.

What makes our coffee so unusually enticing? The secret lies in our method of artisanal small batch roasting. Roasting our beans in smaller quantities leads to better quality control, and lets us capture flavors and aromas rarely found in mass produced coffees. It’s a difference you’re sure to notice—and so will your guests.

Of course, our expertise goes well beyond the roastery. We specialize in serving the hospitality industry and know exactly what it takes to run an exceptional hot beverage program. Our partner hotels, restaurants, breweries, and grocers turn to us for everything from custom menu development to equipment management to staff training and more.

You’ll find our small batch specialty coffees delighting guests and customers in some of the region’s most beloved and highly regarded establishments. We’d love to craft one for you. After all, what says “welcome” better than a truly great cup of coffee?

Roasted and packed on the island of St. Thomas