Certified Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Offering a selection of fairly traded, organically grown coffees is our way of showing respect for the earth and the hardworking farmers who supply our specialty beans. But it’s also about meeting the needs of our clients.

Consumers are increasingly conscious about the impact of their dining choices, and these premium coffees are a superb reflection on your operation. You’ll find them to be rewarding in every way.

SV Thunderbolt (FTO)

A fairly delicious fair-trade organic

Our latest work of art was created to help you cater to millennials and others who value fair-trade and organic products. Much more than a label, SV Thunderbolt is a sleek, medium roast boasting notes of toasted almonds and a nice bramble fruit finish.

Origin:  Central America

El Draque Espresso (FTO)

The espresso that’s certified to impress

All the brilliant complexities of our classic El Draque espresso with the added appeal of being crafted from fairly traded, organically grown beans. This premium offering makes a wonderful statement on the menu of any upscale operation.

Origin: Indonesia, South America, Africa