Welcome to Virgin Islands Coffee Roasters.

If you’re looking for exceptional small batch, specialty coffee you’re in the right place.

Chances are if you landed here you either take pride in providing your hotel guests our upscale small batch specialty coffee. Or perhaps you personally have experienced one of our signature coffees somewhere on your vacation travels in the South Florida or the Caribbean Islands.

Over the past 6 years we have been providing our specialty coffee to upmarket hotels and restaurants that aspire to create a superior guest experience with an alternative to mass produced coffees. It’s because, unlike the big manufacturers, we roast our beans made to order fresh, in small batches. This results in a higher quality roast and expanded custom-made offerings for our customers.

Whether you choose a Fair Trade Organic and sustainably sourced coffee from the farms of acclaimed producer Roberto Salazar or our signature Love City Sunrise custom blend, we know you will enjoy the experience we have brought you from the islands with love.

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