Direct trade sourcing

Our commitment to doing things the right way starts well before anything happens at our little roasteries. We see fully transparent, direct trade sourcing practices as fundamental to the craft we love. 

What is direct trade sourcing? In essence, it’s buying beans directly from the farms and cooperatives that grow them. This cuts out the brokers and middlemen, and its impact can be felt in a couple of key ways.

direct trade sourcing

The first is something you’ll notice every time you sip your favorite small batch coffee. By having a personal relationship with the grower, we’re able to keep a much closer eye on the quality of beans we receive. To this end, we regularly visit our producers to see how they operate and inspect each harvest.

Responsible sourcingEnsuring a better quality product is one thing, but it may not be the most important aspect of this buying model. Direct trade can have a profound effect on the growers and the communities in which they live. Without the middlemen taking their cut, we can guarantee workers receive a respectable living wage regardless of external market pricing. It’s simply the right thing to do.

Consumers are increasingly conscious about the origins of their food. And that makes direct trade sourcing a not-so-insignificant selling point to your guests. If you’d like to know more about any of our products, just ask. There’s a story behind each one, and frankly, we could talk coffee all day!

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