Coffee origin trip Guatemala

After harvesting coffee cherries when they are ripe on the tree, most coffees are fermented for 12 to 48 hours, loosening the skin, fruit, and pulp from the pit so that the pit can then be dried and shipped across the world to roasters.

However, there is another way to dry the beans and harvest the pits inside this coffee cherry, known as the Natural Process. In this process, the cherries are picked and then left on raised beds to dry naturally by the sun, effectively turning the cherries to raisins and infusing flavor, sugar, and fruit notes into the pits. Natural Process Coffee Beans carry unique, fruity flavors that often don’t taste like traditional coffee at all.
At Virgin Islands Coffee Roasters, we carry a Natural Processed Ethiopian Sidamo that we blend into our El Draque Espresso. This espresso is roasted light and gives a complex, fruity, and bright flavor profile, and is a perfect escape if you wish to move away from smoky, over-roasted traditional espressos.