In Room Coffee Brewer

Your in-room coffee experience doesn’t need to be terrible.

Coffee flavors begin at the farm level and proceed to make a wonderful journey of roasting and production all the way to your room. When you look at your in-room coffee packet, you should know right away what your drinking and where its from.

Despite being a wholesaler, we still maintain small batch coffee roaster style, and our in room hotel coffee packs and pods are ground and packed within days of the roast to ensure proper time for the coffee to release CO2 and aromatics which are built up during the roasting process.
We also use a process called nitrogen blasting which pushes any unwanted oxygen out of the pouches allowing the coffee to stay fresh from any moisture or increased levels of oxygen which is why when you open a pack it emits a fresh coffee smell.

Like any product the hotel is buying, they have the opportunity to select items offered to them from a national food distributor or they could opt into a relationship with a coffee provider whose sole focus is providing freshly sourced, roasted and packed coffees.

Technology now allows us to move very fresh product around the globe and keep levels of inventories low, even for large volume properties.