Equipment Service and Maintenance

What I tell people who are new to coffee and interested in our services is for us to take minute, grab a sandwich and sit down. And in that order. If you are unprepared to handle the onslaught of information from direct trade vs fair trade coffee sourcing at origin, to roast profiles and coffee tasting notes all the way to proper extraction times then it’s probably not a good idea to even consider talking about the right equipment for your establishment.

So, let’s grab that sammie and have a chat, and oh yeah, I brought the coffee, in a tiny Japanese style pour-over pouch.

Consistent reliable equipment service is key for a proper coffee program. Coffee equipment is exposed to constant environmental issues such as boiling water, physical damage by high traffic establishments and also the misuse of features on the machine such as using the hot water spigot for kitchen duties.

It begins with choosing the right equipment, then having the knowledge of water filter programs to not only protect the machines internal boiler system but also to ensure the correct coffee flavor. An example is calcium can grow inside a water boiler because minerals are being deposited through the existing hot water. The physical makeup of calcium in a coffee boiler is that of grey cottage cheese. You can expect it to have detrimental effects on the machinery, your cup of coffee and probably your health.

At Virgin Islands Coffee Roasters we only sell whole bean coffee for coffee service. That means that your coffee has been ground fresh on site at every location at every coffee brewer each time its brewed. The result of this process gives you the consumer the best possible scenario for consistent, fresh cup of coffee.

Grinders, brewers, thermos, water filters all need to be cleaned and calibrated regularly. Having a company who keeps a schedule and communicates with your management or engineering departments will alleviate any issues which may arise in the future.

Expect your coffee to provider to have a machine ready if one fails. Expect your coffee provider to contact you for service issues not the other way around. Expect your coffee provider to know what the coffee tastes like at your establishment. Expect your coffee provider to know what your customers are saying to your staff. Expect your coffee provider, expect him, not the other way around.

You can buy coffee from anyone but when it comes to having an entire coffee package with a solid coffee provider, make sure they know what they are doing from bean to cup.