Guatemala Origin Trip


Producer: Mario Sosa
Agricola Liz laureates 1300 meters
Day 3

We met Mario Roberto Rosa at the base of what was by far an exhilarating ride up a road barley able to hold our truck.  Mario was driving an India made 4×4 truck I’m too familiar with from my travels to India.

Arriving at the farm we met his mother and father who 50 years ago founded the firm against all odds and naysayers.  The farm was set between mountains and a rock cliff comparable to El Capitan.  With the drought he had already had his first cutting and was anticipating a slower than normal 2nd and 3rd cutting.

We headed back to his wet mill and walked his patios as he showed us his drying troughs that are heated by wood and fed heat underneath for drying coffee in parchment.

We had a great conversation about patio drying compared to mechanical drying and the effect on rich flavor profiles.  We decided to take some coffee in parchment back to Guatemala City for a cupping experiment. It was amazing!!