Guatemala Origin Trip


Producer: Dr. Jorge Perez
El Concuelo 1500-1800 Meters
Day 2

Dr. Jorge Perez is a multi-generational producer that has shear passion and energy that flows straight into the cup.  After traveling 4 hours of rocky rough roads stopping often to let our 1984 Toyota Truck pass by full of coffee in parchment we finally arrived at the Guatemalan/ Mexican border.

Dr. Perez is like none other.  A man who seems 30 years younger than his age, he greets you with a huge smile and instantly takes you into his home to meet his wife and sons.  After small talk on varietals, altitudes and Guatemalan farming we head to his very clean and well organized wet mill.

He took us to his nurseries where he is experimenting with organic coffee cherry known as Casacara for fertilizer on his trees.

After touring his fields, he decided he wanted to take us to the Mexican border, about a 15-minute hike on a worn dirt path through coffee and fruit trees along a beautiful river. It should be noted Dr. Perez was leading the pack in a pair of Crocs quicker and more light footed than anyone there.

We shot some great photos at the white concrete pillar identifying the Mexican border and discussed issues ranging from Narco trafficking and why Mexico struggles to grow comparable coffee. We headed back to his home for a delicious meal of local chicken in pumpkin soups with homemade tortillas finished with a bowl of amazing fruit jell-O.

Dr. Jorge Perez embodies specialty coffee and all that is required for a producer to stay competitive in a growing market. He understands that relationships, consistency and quality are key.  We are hoping to grow our relationship with his coffee and family.