Table Coffee

You might be looking for a delectable addition to your Sunday brunch service. Or perhaps, a new signature amenity for a hotel lobby in the heart of Collins Avenue. Whatever the concept, application or daypart, we’ve got just the cup you need.

You’ll find these premium specialty coffees as easy to enjoy as they are versatile. We’ll help you select one that fits your operation and keeps guests coming back for more.

Love City Sunrise

A cut above your typical breakfast blend

Our number one seller and a masterclass in small batch roasting. Love City Sunrise combines the dark sophistication of a Sumatran with the smooth, easy-drinking flavors of a Colombian. This is a table coffee that lets you share the love in a way mass produced blends never could.

Origin: Indonesia, South America


The all-around crowd pleaser

Not quite as dark as Love City Sunrise but just as easy to enjoy. Kalinago is an exceedingly approachable specialty coffee that wins fans morning, noon and night. Expect a well-rounded flavor profile with a gentle, sweet nut and honey finish.

Origin: South America, Central America

Single Origin Sumatran

Big and bold

When ideal climate, soil and cultivation come together with skilled artisanal roasting, you get something as special as our Single Origin Sumatran. Each sip is dark, earthy, bold and supremely satisfying. A genuine coffee lovers’ coffee.

Origin: Indonesia

Single Origin Colombian

A guest favorite elevated to new levels

Colombian coffees are a proven hit with hotel and restaurant patrons, and small batch roasting only enhances the appeal. Our smooth-drinking, full-bodied Colombian delights the senses with lusty notes of caramel, chocolate and tropical fruit.

Origin: Colombia

SV Thunderbolt (FTO)

A fairly delicious fair-trade organic

Our latest work of art was created to help you cater to millennials and others who value fair-trade and organic products. Much more than a label, SV Thunderbolt is a sleek, medium roast boasting notes of toasted almonds and a nice bramble fruit finish.

Origin:  Central America

Sober Pirate (decaf)

An eye-opening decaf for espresso or drip

Too often decaffeinated offerings are rife with compromise, but this is everything a great specialty coffee should be. We use only natural artisanal processes in creating our decaf and the result is a beautiful, full-bodied cup that can be served with gusto.

Origin: South America